Each year, our school celebrates British Science Week by taking part in a plethora of exciting science led projects, and this year was no exception.

We commenced our Science Week by looking at a variety of profiles of ordinary people, who have smashed and challenged the long-standing stereotypical viewpoint of what a scientist looks like. In addition to dispelling the myth about what a scientist looks like, this activity served to allow our pupils to see people from all backgrounds and themselves as scientists.

We also celebrated with a Science Enrichment day, where pupils were engaged in hands-on science activities throughout the day.

Overview and galleries:

Years 3 and 4 completed four Physics, Chemistry, and biology based activities. These were:

  • Extreme Elements – Making Hailstones,
  • Secret Messages – Invisible Ink,
  • Active Adaptation,
  • Making a Pendulum

Year 5 pupils completed engineering & maths projects, which were:

  • Making spaghetti towers and
  • A chemistry experiment on Oxidation.

Year 6 took part in three STEM challenges. These were:

  • Windmill Challenge,
  • Boat Challenge
  • Parachute Challenge

Pupil Voice:

I did four activities. I enjoyed creating and hiding the moth in the playground and watching my teacher who acted as a predator, try to find it.  I also made hailstones which was fun. 
Year 3


I like Science because I like to explore and I get to learn about things that fascinate me. Science Enrichment Day was exciting because I learnt four new things in Science. I loved writing secret notes using citric acid best of all. 
Year 4


When I do Science experiments, I do not know what results I am going to get so this intrigues me. During our enrichment day, I completed an engineering and maths project where I worked with a team to build spaghetti towers. It was challenging, especially when creating the base of the tower.  
Year 5


I really looked forward our Science Enrichment Days because of the possibilities in science. Our science curriculum offers great investigations. During our enrichment, I learnt new information. My new learning was linked to Maths. I learnt how to calculate speed and time during one of the STEM challenges.  
Year 6


Science gives me the chance to research phenomena and I get to use the knowledge from my research in my experiments. I always look forward to Enrichment Days because of the Hands-on projects.  
Year 6