From 11th – 15th March 2019, Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School School took part in Science Week 2019. This year has a sustainability theme.

With the growing concerns we have in regards to air polution and the vast increase in non degradable waste, it is vital that we all embrace the importance of recycling and considering how we can all do our bit to reduce our own carbon footprint in order to tackle the amount of air polution engulfing our towns and cities.

We took part in a number of workshops this week including “Jazzing up Junk”, which involved converting waste products into toys.We also learnt how to grow our own food using organic, sustainable methods, planting and nurturing seedlings, which included fruit, vegetable and herbs. We found out how plastics are affecting Marine Life. The levels of plastic waste found in our seas and oceans now has reached an alarming level.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the week, which ended with our traditional Science Fair, showcasing all of the wonderful work that has been created throughout the week. We took a few pictures at the fair, which can be seen in the gallery below.