On Monday October 15th, Narconon Drug Prevention & Education will be visiting Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School to work with our year 5 and 6 girls in a series of workshops related to drug awareness.

Narconon Drug Prevention and Education, have been delivering “The Truth About Drugs” sessions for primary and secondary schools in the UK since 1986.

Their 1-hour lectures are informative, effective and delivered with an acceptance level for the classes. The lecturers use a power-point and video presentation that is topical and engaging. The lecturers are experienced and tackle the subject with due respect and interest.

They believe that students of today become the leaders of tomorrow and they feel that drug education is vital in a culture in which the youth of today are likely to encounter drugs at young ages.

“The problems of youths taking drugs is something we take seriously at Narconon. Social and peer pressure creates for earlier and earlier experimentation with drugs. The recruitment of London children as young as 12 by criminal drug gangs was reported in The Independent as far back as 2012”.

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