14May 2018

To celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School will be hosting our very own Royal Wedding celebratory tea party. The children are asked to come into school dressed as a wedding guest so that we can celebrate this wonderful occasion together. We will take some pictures on […]

14May 2018

The Daily Mile

May 14, 2018 WJGS News

  Everyday before lunch, Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School take part in a wonderful activity designed to fight the growing obesity problem in the UK entitled “The Daily Mile”. The daily mile is a pre-planned course around the school grounds where children can run, jog or walk this mile area everyday to help them stay fit, […]

14May 2018

It’s SATs Week this week at Winterbourne Junior Girls’ School, and the children have already completed as morning of SATs today. As a way of relaxing the mind in perparation for the afternoon session, the children have access to the Chrome books to help them keep their minds thinking and in tune. We took some […]

23Apr 2018

With SATs week for KS2 looming, it is important that all parents have a full understanding of what will be taking place during this very important week. To help parents to better understand SATs, we have created a new web link on our website, which points to an extremely valuable 3 minute video guide, which outline […]

09Apr 2018

New Website

April 9, 2018 WJGS News

Dear Parents, We are very please to inform you that we have recently made a number of changes to our website to create a faster, more streamlined, user-friendly experience for our viewers. We have made some changes to the main navigation and homepage to make it easier for important content to be found in no […]